One of the best – but possibly forgotten – parts of wedding planning is deciding on the honeymoon! If you’re tired of seeing photo after photo of couples kissing in Disney World or posing in front of the Eiffel Tower, then you are a couple who needs an off the grid honeymoon. Book a hotel few have heard of, try some exotic foods and be able to look back on pictures that are different than any honeymoon you’ve seen before. If you’re wondering where to start, we have gathered a few ideas!



Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates | Website

Ever since the girls of Sex in the City landed on the desert sands of Abu Dhabi, it seems to be on the wishlist of many, yet few actually seem to make it there. Your honeymoon should spare no expense and Abu Dhabi will provide you and your new spouse with that once in a lifetime feeling. This resort is buried in the middle of the Liwa desert, but the photos are straight out of a postcard. The building is covered in beautiful cream and black decor, with windows looking out at the desert sun. It’s a place you could only dream of. You can spend your time in the desert relaxing and indulging in the local cuisine, or go for a camel ride! Now that would be a great photo!





Cappadocia, Turkey | Website

Turkey has probably not made it onto your honeymoon list yet, making it definitely “off the grid”. This incredible hotel has only thirty five rooms, created from actual caves! This destination is for the

couple who desires peace and quiet during their first few days together. Accompanied by a fireplace and local Cappadocian wine, you two can really get to enjoy the calm after the wedding storm. If you do decide to take a small adventure, there’s always the option of a hot air balloon ride! Another great photo op!




Tasmania, Australia | Website

Pumphouse Point is located on the deepest lake in Australia and gives you three buildings to choose from for your honeymoon. There are few tourist attractions around as you are literally in the middle of a lake, but the lodges and senery are more than enough to amaze you. Drink your morning coffee while watching the sunrise over the water, go for a romantic walk through the snowy woods and then warm up with a bubble bath and some champagne. It’s truly a couple’s dream of a honeymoon!




Capertee Valley, Australia | Website

Australia offers not only serenity, but a bit of fun with their bubble tent honeymoons! These bubbles give you the feeling of sleeping under the stars in comfort. There are three tents currently and all give you the opportunity to enjoy the surroundings of Capertee Valley from inside your bubble. If you’re looking for things to do, you could enjoy a campfire, look at the galaxy through a telescope, go birdwatching, have a hammock nap or go on a hiking adventure through the property. Any nature loving couple could make amazing memories here!




Muonio, Lapland, Finland | Website

This location ensures you a once in a lifetime experience! This winter wonderland offers snowshoeing adventures, reindeer sleigh rides, views of the Nothern Lights, delicious food prepared by the house chefs, salmon fishing, mountain biking and so much more! They even offer a honeymoon package so you can ensure that your trip is worthwhile. While you will need to pack your winter coat and boots for daily adventures, you will appreciate the warm and cozy room at the end of your memorable day!




Fogo Island, Newfoundland | Website

For those looking to stay a bit closer to home, Canada’s east coast offers an amazing off the grid getaway. It is truly one of the most unique spots in the world and you will think you’ve traavelled far away from your normal Canadian neighbourhood. Your room will be located on the shore of the North Atlantic Ocean, providing you with breathtaking views and delicious food. In the hotel, you can enjoy movies, hot tubs, an art gallery, library and more, but the true beauty is outside. Explore the coast of Newfoundland and take those photos all will be jealous of!



If Disney World, Greece or camping in Cape Breton is where you’ve always dreamed of honeymooning, then do it! This is your special trip and you deserve to have those memories. Although, if you just can’t decide, because every location seems to “normal” or “crowded” then research the above ideas. We guarantee, one of them will be everything you could never find – and more!


Kate Lutes | Tacari Weddings