A New Way To Gift Air Travel and Book Flights Has Arrived

A new way to gift air travel and book flights has arrived—and it’s a total game-changer. Honeyfund has partnered with Skyhour to power your honeymoon flight plans and it couldn’t be easier! Imagine a simple and seamless experience that prices flights by the hour instead of the dollar and let’s you gift and book air travel in seconds. Meet our new and exclusive air travel partner, Skyhour.


Skyhour represents 1 hour of flight time at a fixed rate of $60 per hour. Skyhour allows users to carry an air travel balance, give skyhours, set travel goals & book worldwide on over 350 airlines. They believe in fairness over fares, so Skyhour bookings are consistently based on the total flight time of your selected route. Every Skyhour booking comes with rewards and if the value of your skyhours are worth more than the value of your booked ticket, your account balance will be credited with skyminutes to put toward your next trip.


From cooking lessons in Casablanca to paragliding in Peru, now you can give (or get if you’re the “to-be’s”) your favorite just-married couple the gift of an unforgettable honeymoon! Skyhour, the new next-generation air travel platform allows freshly-hitched lovebirds to embark on epic adventures together.


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