Art of Roxy Photography

What's my style, you ask? My clients say words like "organic", "relaxed", "fast" and "badass"

Fancy words aside, Art of Roxy Photography is, essentially, the love-child of Roxy herself.  She loves the camera, the light, the anticipation, the thrill of knowing the shot was caught. The passion runs so deep, she can’t imagine doing anything else, ever. After 20 years of a career running the business of photography, she is fearless. No wedding is the same – no couple is the same. Her ability to understand the human story, to feel the energy around her, allows her to interpret in still images, the very living story of love.


If you’re looking for photographs that aren’t overly structured, awkwardly posed, or stiff – Art of Roxy should be your choice.  No one should be put into a forced pose. Photography is not a one-size-fits-all! Pinterest is a lie! Not all weddings are a pale-lighting, fairy-like style; they should be more like a nose wrinkle and that awkward smile you fell in love with.


If you’re looking for unmatched, not-average wedding photography, then bring your true selves to the table. Get married under the airplane you met in. Ask your dog to be your best man. Give your Grams a special place as Honorary Matron.  Inject your love of movies into every element of your decoration. Make it YOU. It’s your day – make it your style. Roxy will use her spidey-sense, ninja-magic skills to capture the best moments of your day.


Art of Roxy Photography is in the business of photography, creating a stress-free experience, and delivering memories you can share for generations to come.

Art of Roxy Photography



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