Autumn Bridal Makeup Looks

The autumn months are an unexpected, yet popular time of year for weddings. Those who desire to wear long sleeves, put a cranberry red on their bridesmaids or indulge in a hot chocolate bar will often opt for fall nuptials. It might be easy to decide what food to include, to pick out festive favors that your guests will take home, but what about your bridal look? We have put together four autumn makeup looks that will take your bridal style to the next level.


With a white dress, veil and shoes – stand out in the autumn with a bold lip! Whether it’s a cranberry, a deep burgundy or you take a huge risk and paint on a navy lip, you will be sure to stand out in a great way! Make sure to keep the rest of your makeup clean and minimal, let your lip take center stage. Also, consider wearing a liquid lip that will dry and will not smudge when you finally get to kiss your groom!


This is a great look for an evening wedding, surrounded by candlelight. Swiping on a glittery golden eyeshadow will make your eyes pop and shine the whole way down the aisle. Remember, a sparkly eye needs to be grounded with a great black eyeliner. It gives your eye just enough definition without being too dark. Pair this eye with a light pink or nude lip, but stay clear of anything that will compete with the shadow.


If a statement eye or lip is just too much in one area for your liking, it is possible to do an entire face of autumnal hues. Start with very bronzed skin, to match the beautiful bronzed leaves on the trees. Go for a golden or orange eyeshadow, but keep it simple and subtle to avoid looking tacky. A brown eyeliner will keep the look warm, yet still very bridal. Finish with a nude lip, or something in the brown direction if you dare to go a bit darker. Finish off with mascara and you’ve got a beautiful autumnal look. If you have blue eyes, pay special attention to orange eye hues as using colours opposite on the colour wheel will make the colour in your eyes pop!



If the autumnal colours are all a bit much for your special day – try keeping it all very simple and nude. Use brown shades, a good amount of bronzer and a nude lip to keep the autumnal feel without getting too literal. Using black eyeliner will make more of a statement, but brown works with this look as well. For a bit of extra shine, try using a gloss over your nude lip – this will give you a more innocent bridal look.


Whatever look you choose, whatever wedding date you choose, keep true to yourself. Don’t ever try to look like someone you’re not, because the groom chose you – and only you. Wear makeup that makes you feel beautiful and confident. This is your day and you should feel like a queen.

All photos courtesy of Julie Vino at her Spring 2019 bridal Collection unveiling at New York Bridal Fashion Week

Makeup – NU EVOLUTION Cosmetics | Lead Makeup Artist – Myke Silva | Lead Hair Stylist – D’Angelo Alston


Story written by Kate Lutes | Tacari Weddings