Being The Maid of Honor…

It’s not often that we have the opportunity to hear from the Maid of Honor. What do we mean by that? Well, the “typical” MOH duties are a given. But, we seldom get to hear about their experience AFTER the wedding. MOH’s are important too! Below, you’ll find an interesting perspective from a recent Maid of Honor who shares her experience at her best friend’s wedding…
The Maid of Honor. You see them in all the rom-com movies, you run into them on the streets in the middle of a bachelorette party, you witness them wiping their tears on the big day. 

When my best friend got engaged, I thought I might be a candidate. But, she had three sisters who were much more experienced when it came to weddings––and they were actually in the same country. So when she asked me, I was surprised & honored. Then I had to Google it. “Maid of Honor responsibilities”. Turns out there’s a lot of them. Plan the bachelorette party, be with the bride in wedding prep, give pep talks, look good but don’t outshine the bride, fix her dress, know what’s going on, give a speech (that will outshine the best man’s) and be the last to leave her side and the first to find her personal items. At least that’s what Google told me. And I wondered if I’d ever just get to be the best friend celebrating her big day. I didn’t have to worry. When I arrived in the country, I discovered all those responsibilities weren’t just on me. There was a whole team making this wedding possible and I wasn’t alone. I was over-the-moon thankful for all the talented vendors involved — from the florist, to the caterer, to the day-of coordinator. The groom gave great pep talks, too. And even when things were moved inside the day before, due to a sudden weather change, I was able to see this team of professionals work their magic and make the day an amazing “plan B”.

And behind the scenes, for a few fleeting moments in time, I was able to hold her steady and I knew this was the reason I was there. I was needed at the heart level — in a way only best friends can be. It is hard to describe what it feels like to see your best friend walk down the aisle toward the man you both giggled about as immature, middle school girls — the type of man we both knew would come into each of our lives, one day.

The movies had nothing on real life. Being the Maid of Honor — with a team behind me — was a dream come true.


– Kayla Norris, MOH, with com.po.sure Events | | 816.808.8750 | @thisiscomposure

Photography courtesy of Traditional Pattern | | @traditionalpattern