Best European Destinations for your Honeymoon

Best European Destinations for your Honeymoon

Nowadays looking for an exotic and not overrated destination for your Honeymoon can be hard, with the globalization a lot of unknown places before became very famous. Europe is a continent full of different unknown paradises. It is unbelievable the beauty of many places we never heard of or that we never consider to be our first choices. Here is a list of some destinations that are not common among the crowd favorites.


Budapest, Hungary

Urban, elegant, lively. Three words used to describe this city. The beauty of the Danube river separating Buda and Pest in their singular beauty each one. The Buda side keeps a lot of history. Buda’s magical hill is the stage of queens and kings castles, one of the most unique churches in Europe, St. Matthews Church adorned with colorful tiles and the Fisherman Bastian from where you can see a fascinating sunset and sunrise.


On the other side, Pest. An urban, lively scenery of fashionable people going around looking busy, boutiques strategically positioned in old but elegant European buildings and the best part are the traditional food restaurants and modern coffee shops with charming outdoor terraces. The Jewish corner hides a lot of sad history, but Hungarian artists transformed its streets into the trendiest places in the city. Also, in Budapest, you can find the very well-known Hungarian thermal baths with healing properties that welcome any tourist interested every day.



Lisbon, Sintra and the West Coast of Portugal

The sidewalks look like pages of a young artist sketchbook. The city lights look like candles slowly moving with the warm breeze. A city that in the summer warms up your soul and body; in the winter freshens up your body but keeps your soul as warm as in the summer. Small and cosy streets where the smell of freshly baked Mediterranean bread invades every hedonic spot of your brain. Surrounded by Tejo River, Lisbon keeps secrets in each of its seven hills. Prepare yourself for rich gastronomy and for the best selection of Southern European wine.


Locals call it the Hill of the Moon. A place full of magic and mystery. Part of UNESCO World Heritage, Sintra, makes anybody in love. The perfect spot for romantic picnics and afternoon escapes to Monseratte Palace gardens where for miles you will feel like two lovebirds flying around together. Portugal West Coast, the stage of many weddings, promises you miles of desert beaches and even the most expensive camera will not capture the power of the beauty that the hills and strong dark blue waves create when they meet.


Lofoten, Norway

With a strong connection to the Viking Age, deep in Northern Europe, Lofoten is considered one of the most fascinating places in Norway and the world. From there you can see the mystic northern lights. If you like to go fishing, kayaking, contemplate sea eagles or discovering islands, this is the perfect place for you.  It is considered a Sustainable Destination, systematically working to preserve local culture and nature to provide tourists and visitors the best experience.



Madeira Island

The pearl of the Atlantic. Rich in colors and exotic landscapes. Madeira island is considered the island of eternal springtime by Paul Ames, CNN Travel.  Black sand beaches and hiking in the mountains are the most exotic popular experiences that attract a lot of adventurous people and passionate hearts. In Funchal, capital city of the Island you can enjoy viewpoints like Cabo Girão and the famous glass floor where you will experience some adrenaline. Outside feels like constant springtime all year, the combination of sea with high mountains balances the weather.


The famous dish is fried corn with meat skewers and for a better experience you can try it in traditional restaurants up in mountains. After dinner we recommend you to go to the typical bars in downtown and enjoy a different selection of Poncha, a traditional alcoholic drink made with passionfruit from the Island.




Slovenia is a nature treasure. Lakes surrounded by mountains and miles of fields painted with green, yellow and orange tones. For a perfect honeymoon renting a car and go from Ljubljana, the medieval capital with streets made for romantic dates until places like Bohinj Valley; Bohinj lake – the largest lake in Slovenia with crystal waters reflecting the nature around it like a big mirror. This Valley is good for outdoor activities and cheese tasting in the old village.


Bled is considered the most wonderful city in Slovenia. Also hosting a big lake and picturesque houses/castles. Ideal for romantic stays in guesthouses or tree houses located next to the lake.




Road Trip Croatian Coast and Makarska

Croatia is a small coastal country on the Balkans. Its unusual shape next to the sea and rich nature makes Croatia one of the world natural treasures. For radical lovers of sea and beach, a road trip through Croatia coastline promises you a very exciting and romantic honeymoon. You can live history; taste amazing Balkan pastries; enjoy the Mediterranean sun; be totally flabbergasted with the views.


Starting in Pula, one of the biggest cities of Croatia full or Roman ruins and archaeological remains; going to Opatija to just mellow out in one of their luxury villas next to the sea; go all the way until Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatian lakes with an outstanding beauty known worldwide. Standing there in the middle of such beauty you will live a dream in an authentic oasis. Afterward, go back to the coast heading towards Zadar; a small fisherman village where you can spend one-day eating good food and walking through old streets touched with war traces. On the road to Split, the center of Croatia and a big transportation hub; the trendy coastal city has the best access to the Croatian islands. Once you stop there do not forget to catch the boat to Brac or Hvar.


Further down and revitalized after two or three days in the islands make a pit stop in Makarska. The smallest most beautiful coastal village of Croatia known for the famous hiking paths in its mountains; if you need some adrenaline, go up the mountains and have a coffee in the hiker’s house. On the way to your last stop, Dubrovnik, appreciate the view, breathe in and breathe out the fresh air. Dubrovnik is the Croatian city known for being the stage of one of the most appreciated tv series: Game of Thrones. Naturally has been crowded lately with millions of fans but apart from that Dubrovnik has a unique beauty that you should not leave behind; was one of the cities most affected by the Balkans war. The ruins among the green and blue nature will give what you need to go home full field and happy.


Interlaken, Switzerland

Set amidst two beautiful lakes, Interlaken guarantees a lot of adventure and romance. Not to forget this heavenly place has snow, water, green fields and a blue sky. The best activities to do in Interlaken are paragliding, enjoying epic views, eat Raclette; typical swiss meal focused on melted cheese; and relax in of the best mountain resorts that this place offers you like Victoria Jungfrau Grand Hotel & Spa. You can also make one day trip by train to Schynige Platte; a famous viewpoint next to the botanical garden on the mountains.



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