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I use my lens to document profound moments in peoples journey!

That is where it all began. The spark of interest in something that would behold his then-unknown talents, the freedom to explore the fluidity of life in a static form, and most importantly, the glint of imagination in a kid of the 70’s encouraged to color outside the lines.


In the murky coolness of the little dark room that his father would dabble in from time to time, one of the “Top 100 Photographers in the World” (credit: Professional Photographer Magazine) and “THE Best Photographer in the World” (credit: his mother) in the industry was born. That is where his mind started to coalesce creative thought with tangible artifacts, where he learned that breaking the rules was only in the mind of the beholder, and where nothing would stop him from pursuing his destiny in the world of photography. That… is where it all began for Damon Tucci.


Since his first days in that dark room, Damon Tucci has become one of the world’s most renowned wedding and lifestyle photographers. His 20 years of pushing the boundaries in professional imagery has included over 2,500 weddings around the world, underwater cinematography, and three books on the subject with Amherst Media. And, he’s not only sought out by brides, but also the industry, as a member of the Professional Photographers of America with speaking engagements at some of the world’s most highly regarded forums.


Damon began his professional journey with an unparalleled opportunity with Disney Photographic Services, perfecting his wedding photography craft with smart perspective and quick technical skill to capture not only the sizable number of shoots, but also the endless opportunities in settings that were literally out of a fairy tale. He credits his strict professional expectations that are second to none to the remarkable opportunity Disney provided him.


Desiring to break out of the corporate mold and embrace the conceptual, inventive artist he is, Damon opened his boutique photography brand in 2000 to stellar success. His clients include celebrity pop stars to professional athletes, top world politicians to precious family pets, and high school seniors to his beloved daughter, Tyler. His current projects include large format film, cinematic short films, and black and white work with future goals of documenting life events in Cuba.

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