Dogs, Dogs and More Dogs

Boston, Massachusetts



Photography | CityLux Studios | @cityluxstudios

From the Photographer

We put together an album of all the dogs over the past 2 years, weddings, proposals and engagement shoots. We love working with dogs and so many couples have them and want to include them now if possible. It seems to be something we are seeing more of lately. We recommend that they bring someone (and treats) along to hold the dog between the shots or to take the dog away halfway through the shoot. Some dogs work great during shoots and others do not. During proposals they can look really cute in the photos but we still ask for someone to show up and help with the dog when possible. We learned this after the first few dog shoots where we did not have someone to help. We shoot as a couple so one of us can always take the dog but it is still easier to have another person there to take the dog away, the dog can also be quite distracting to the couple if it is not behaving so we try to get some shots and then have someone take it for a walk or home so that the couple can focus on each other again.