Eclectic Urban Love Affair

Athens, Greece



Photography | Karina Papadopoulos Photography | @karinapapadopoulos

Developing | Carmencita Film Lab | @carmencitalab

Venue | Six D.O.G.S. | @sixdogsgr

Other Location | Lukumades Bar

Other Location | Monastriraki Square

Other Location | Ermou Street

Cinematography | Aristotelis Batistatos Cinematography | @aristotelisbatistatos

Styling + Concept + Planning | Sand + Lace Events | @sandnlace_events

Floral Designer | Studio 7 Florescence | @studio7flowers

Coordination | Ellwed | @ellwedmag

Hair + Makeup | Georgia Xristodoulou | @bridalbeautyexpert

Invitation + Stationery Designer | Bright White | @bright_white_design

Cake | Pavlov’s Lab | @pavlovs_lab

Dress | @epifanios.atelier

Men’s Attire |

Model | @anna.papathanassiou

Model | @giorgio_karatasio

Summer In the City!

Embrace your destination and give in to the city life, was our motto of this styled wedding shoot. Summer must be by far the most popular time for tourists to visit Greece and especially Athens with all the beautiful sights the city has to offer. You may not think of Athens as your wedding destination, but the city can offer you something the islands cannot. We tried to capture that edgy urban vibe in this inspirational cover shoot.


Our planner Bobbie Karagianni, from Sand and Lace, made sure everything from styling to design and planning was to the highest standards as well as on point with her vision for this cover shoot. Bobbie, a Greek-Dutch wedding planner and stylist from the Netherlands, specializes in organizing and styling weddings in Greece. This may gave her an advantage in the styling process as she had a very different perspective on the city and what it has to offer. She styled the look of this shoot with some Dutch influence and different, urban lifestyle. Working closely with our photographer, Karina Papadopoulos who was shooting on film, made this shoot stand out of the crowd. Each of the great ladies brought their ideas and editorial experience to the project to execute Bobbie’s vision.

Our location was Athens city center and we wanted to show the most iconic parts of it. Bobbie chose the Six D.O.G.S. with their hidden city garden for our venue and the streets of Athens for the rest of the love story. Karina thoughtfully researched the streets with us, in order to depict the spirit of Athens. We decided on some important local traditional places like the local “Koulouri” (round bread pastry with sesame seeds) vendor from Ermou Street, the “Lukumades” (small local doughnuts with honey) bar and the iconic Monastiraki square (main square in Athens). We also did not forget on important pieces of the city like the famous yellow taxi and the almost forgotten phone booths that Karina noticed in the crowd. She followed her before well-thought out plan for the day, so we did not miss any important details of the story. Her expertise in high-end fashion with Bobbie’s directions, gave this shoot that edge we wanted to portray.


Within Bobbie’s vision, Pavlov’s Lab created one of their signature cakes with the very minimal urban, on trend, yet delicate designs just for us. This urban cake was accentuated with light cement grey colors and patterns, styled to perfection. Bright White produced hand-crafted stationery and invitations with Bobbie’s directions of the exact look and vibe she was searching for. Whereas Karina’s artistic eye and open-minded approach to photography, en-sured that the cake and the stationery fitted flawlessly within our theme with the strong ur-ban summer vibe.

Every detail was a vital part in creating the unique image we wished to achieve. Of course we could not achieve this look without our amazing models Anna Papathanasiou and Giorgio Karatasio who rocked the shoot! Anna’s look was perfect for our vision of this cover shoot and she truly brought it to the finish line with the Epifanios Atelier designer two piece wedding dress with a sheer top. While our groom wore the tailored made Sur Mesure navy blue checkered costume suit and white made-to-order shirt. Hair & makeup styling was carried out by Georgia Xristodoulou Makeup Specialist within the style of our urban look. She also made sure that the look of the bride and the groom stayed flawless throughout the shoot.


Aris from Aristotelis Batistatos Cinematography, was careful to capture every moment for our editorial video. His artistic eye and different ideas combined the story of the couples urban love story or in our case, the city love affair. He captured the essence of our urban shoot and expressed Bobbie’s vision. So, make sure you also see the video on our social channels. Studio 7 Florescence created our unique urban floral composition, which was posed in front of iconic graffiti the city has to offer. The composition, table arrangement and the bridal bouquet were made with different exotic and local flowers. Main colors were yellow, orange red and blue for that little extra pop!


All in all, we created this amazing and unique styled wedding with the help of all our selected wedding professionals, who were truly dedicated to this project. Their quick and creative thinking resulted in outstanding images depicting urban summer and edgy vibes. We were truly inspired by the positive energy, creativity and commitment to the work that the whole team put in this cover shoot.