From Kaitlin Shea Weddings (Event Planner)…

As a wedding professional, it’s pretty hard not to get excited when a brand new (and standout) venue pops up, especially when it’s right downtown! The first time I visited Archetype Distillery, I fell in love with the combination of brick, copper, and modern fixtures. It wasn’t long before a styled shoot was in the works, and photographer Jewels Gray was the perfect fit. As our team of vendors came together over the next few weeks, the excitement grew and so did the shoot! Since we did end up with such an incredible team, we wanted to get as much out of this shoot as possible and that meant highlighting some of Denver’s other incredible spaces, namely the Maven and Oxford Hotels. Jewels is no stranger to downtown sessions, so despite the long list of shots we threw at her, the day remained exactly on schedule. After a few breathtaking photos at the sister hotels, Jewels and the models arrived to a fully decorated Archetype Distillery. Our ceremony setup was simple but breathtaking with the flower arrangements later doubling as centerpieces. What really brought the shoot to life, however, was the array of little details. The mixed drink unity ceremony, rock candy, multiple place settings, and stationery suite took this shoot over the top. Just like in planning a real wedding, the detail work that went into this project made all the difference and added more personality to an already photo-worthy venue.

From Jewels (The Photographer)…

When Kaitlin asked me to do a styled shoot with her, I was all over it! She is newer to the industry, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I did shoot her wedding and know she did a lot of the details for that, so I had an idea it would be good. Her vision board was right up my alley – some urban edgy goodness, with some black details thrown in (I love me some black). She asked about models, and I didn’t really have anyone that came to mind except for Katie & Kip. They are a couple of my clients, and I knew they would be PERFECT for this shoot – Katie is my biggest fan and loves that edgy, downtown vibe. The only problem is that they moved to South Carolina recently! With their wedding coming up in Mexico this May, I knew it would be a long shot, but I reached out to her to see if they might (HAPPEN) to be in Denver that week. They weren’t, but she was excited to try and make it happen!


Low and behold, they flew in just for the shoot!


Leading up to the shoot, I was excited! Kaitlin had some awesome venues on the docket that I hadn’t shot at, or hadn’t in a while, so I was looking forward to making those connections! The timeline looked a little tight with multiple locations, but Kaitlin knows I work fast, and it wasn’t an issue at all – everything went incredibly smooth and the timing was perfect.


The day of the shoot – I was blown away with how well Kaitlin did with everything! The shot list and locations were amazing – the details and all the decor was spot on – and Kaitlin put together something beautiful with some unique elements. All the vendors killed it!!