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I LOVE THESE MOROCCAN WEDDING BLANKETS! Did I tell you that I love them? What a great piece to have in your home… and they go with everything!


These Vintage Moroccan Wedding Blankets originate from the Middle Atlas mountains of Morocco. Woven by ethnic Berber women in anticipation of a wedding, these blankets are also known as Handira in Arabic,or Tamizart in the Berber language. Tradition has it that the bride’s female relatives take weeks to weave these beautiful textiles as they teach the bride about marital life, duties and expectations. Following the wedding ceremony, the bride wears the blanket tied around her shoulders like a cape, symbolically as a wrap to keep her warm for the trip to her new marital home. These beautiful Vintage Moroccan Wedding Blankets are woven with undyed sheep’s wool and cotton, incorporating bands of Berber motifs and decorated with mirrored sequins. Drape over the back of the sofa or fold at the end of the bed for a glamorous, yet exotic addition to your home’s decor.


All different colors and sizes, you are sure to find one… or two… or maybe even three to put in your home!


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