Alexa and Chris

Positano, Italy



Photographer | Sylense Labit Photography | @sylense_labit

Chris and I met in the fall of 2012 in chemistry lab our sophomore year of college at Stony Brook University. He was studying to become a Doctor and I was studying to become a nurse. I thought he was adorable from the second he walked through the door. I mean who could resist those lab goggles. He claims he felt the same way. Unfortunately the timing wasn’t right for either of us, so we kept it friendly. As the school year progressed, we ended up eventually loosing touch. It wasn’t until the end of our spring semester that our paths crossed again. I had gone out with my friends for ladies night and had somehow ended up separated from the group. The bar was very crowded and I (luckily!) ended up face to face with Chris. I asked him for help finding my friends which ultimately led to us spending the entire night chatting just the two of us. It’s been six years since then and each day is better than the last.

How He Asked

In the fall of 2018 I surprised Chris with tickets to Italy for the following spring to celebrate his medical school graduation! A trip that was originally supposed to be the two of us grew into a family affair and it ended up being us, my brother and his girlfriend Sylense, and Chris’s brother and his girlfriend. All winter we planned our dream vacation and the closer it got the more excited we became. I couldn’t help myself but tag Chris in pictures of beautiful proposals in Italy, with hopes that maybe that would be where he decided to pop the question. From day one, he was adamant about the fact that that was not going to happen and that we needed to wait until after he started his residency, to the point where I eventually began to believe him.


Once our Italian adventure finally began we were faced with a forecast of rain… every… day… it wasn’t until our first day in Positano that we finally had some sun. We had the most wonderful day soaking up the sun and of course we squeezed in some shopping. I was convinced by the girls to purchase an adorable little white dress to wear to our fancy dinner that night (as if everything I packed wasn’t white already). Around 7pm we headed to the beach to watch the sunset and maybe take some pictures. My brother is a videographer and his girlfriend a photographer so it wasn’t too out of the ordinary for them to have their cameras out and ready. We took some group photos and then couples photos of each other, once it was our turn Chris grabbed my hand and we began to walk towards the sunset. I could sense Chris’s nervousness and that’s when I knew for sure this was it.


He got down on one knee and before he could even speak I was jumping up and down with excitement. He then proceeded to tell me what our relationship meant to him, how much he loved me, and asked me to be his wife. I, of course, said YES, but only after jumping up and down a few more times. It was the most magical moment of my life. I feel so lucky to have him and I can’t wait for our lives together. This is only the beginning.