Alyssa and Phil

Falmouth, Maine



Photography/Cinematography | Jessie Felix Photography | @jessiefelixphotography

From the Photographer

She’d found no suitors in the dusty cubicle at the back of the library; he was fatigued of his role as the eleventh wheel of his friend group. Alyssa, a 23-year-old medical student in DC, and Phil, a 27-year-old newly minted lawyer on his way down to start a career in the city, were still unaware of each other’s existence. Both were convinced by friends that the world wide web held a neatly packaged, perfectly-crafted life partner for each of them, complete with all the bells and whistles. What they found instead was each other. Although not always neatly-packaged or perfectly crafted, they knew from the moment they laid eyes on each other that they’d finally found their perfect counterpart.


Phil opened their first date at a quaint local bookstore by suggesting that they each find a book that they felt best encapsulated the other’s essence. Alyssa scanned the shelves until she found the perfect title: “Just Friends.” Phil thought he was toast, but after watching her face break into a big smile, he realized she shared his unique sense of humor. (He then darted to the children’s section to find a title suitable for her). They giggled and swooned all the way into their next date at Phil’s brand new, completely empty apartment, furnished only with cardboard boxes for a dinner table and a rolled-up rug for a sofa. They learned that night that they didn’t need anything but each other’s company to have a great time. And while the first two dates were full of joy, adversity struck when Phil and Alyssa decided to hike along the banks of the Potomac River for their third date. He stopped to skip some rocks and figured it would be safe to entrust his phone with Alyssa. Not a minute later, Alyssa sneezed, and Phil watched his phone fall right into the river. That day, Phil learned 1) never to trust Alyssa with his valuables, and 2) that nothing about her could scare him away. And Alyssa learned that she wanted everything about Phil to stick like gorilla glue.


Fast forward sixteen months to a sub-zero day in downtown Boston when Phil convinced Alyssa to take a walk to the Boston Public Gardens. Although there wasn’t a single other person out on Commonwealth Avenue Mall, Alyssa agreed, and a little ways into their walk, Phil descended to one knee and popped the question. As complete as they felt in that moment with each other, the feeling only grew as they gathered with friends and family to celebrate the first step of what will undoubtedly be a lifetime of love and happiness.