Andrea and Tarik

Safety Harbor, Florida



Photographer | Love Letters Co | @lovelettersco_fl

Venue | Philippe Park

The Ying To My Yang

Tarik is from Morocco, Andrea is from Honduras. He speaks French, she speaks Spanish. He is tall and she is short. On a daily basis, Tarik likes numbers and Andrea prefer letters. This means he is a left-sided brain and she a right sided one. On a cheat meal day Tarik rather have cheeseburgers and fries; Andrea loves some pizza. For a sweet treat, he would like vanilla ice cream but she is all about the donuts. On social gatherings, Andrea likes to talk and Tarik does the listening. For a vacation trip, Andrea likes to plan every, little, thing. Tarik would rather be… spontaneous. For a perfect workout, Andrea likes to run outdoors and Tarik likes to lift weights. On an off from work day, she would rather rise and shine and he would prefer to sleep and snuggle. As you can see, Tarik and Andrea are very different in every single way. However, they complement each other in the most perfect way. Both are passionate soul mates that met by fate.


They wanted a perfect spot for their engagement session that would almost look like a fairy tale forest; and site unseen, that was precisely what Phillipe Park was for their session. Nestled on the harbor, tall oaks with sweeping Spanish moss created the look that this perfect pair desired. And it was magic.