Ankita and Jon

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania



Photographer | Aishah Aslam Photography | @aishahaslamphoto

Jon + Ankita have a sweet and funny story of how they met. A friend in Ankita’s sorority in Philly knew that she would be a part of her sorority family before Ankita even knew. This friend showed Jon, who was one of her close friends, pictures of Ankita, saying “isn’t she cute? Say she’s cute.” Apparently, she was relentless until Jon said that Ankita was cute… at which point her response was, “Don’t even think about it.” Clearly that didn’t work. A few months later, January 17th, 2014, Jon and Ankita were at the same Greek life event in Drexel, PA and talked pretty much the entire time. They have been together, a little over 5.5 years, ever since.


Jon proposed in Harrisburg, PA on February 9th, 2019. They actually went to dinner with both of their parents and Ankita’s little brother to Bricco, a really nice pizzeria and Italian bistro for a belated birthday dinner. Jon surprised Ankita with a cake and instead of “Happy Birthday”, the question “Will You Marry Me?” was on it. Ankita answered him, “Of course, I will!” before he even got the chance to ask! The ring is a beautiful cushion cut diamond by Firestone with a halo of diamonds around it and was purchased from AR Morris in Wilmington, DE.