Ariel and Justin

San Juan Capistrano, California



Photography | Chrissy Gilmartin Photography | @chrissygilmartinphotography

Location | Mission San Juan Capistrano | @missionsanjuancapistrano

From the Photographer

Meet Justin and Ariel! Two CRAZY AMAZING humans who I simply adore!! These cuties are getting married this Fall, however I actually met Ariel exactly one year ago when she reached out and wanted to meet up for coffee! Well… let me just tell you… I think we sat there chatting for nearly two hours!! It literally felt like we had been friends forever! And over the last year, I have gotten to know her, her fab BFF and future sister-in-law and her amazing future mother-in-law quite well… and I LOVE them just as much!!


Ariel and Justin have been together 9 years and have literally grown up together, as they began dating in high school, but you would NEVER know it. Seriously, watching them together you would think they had only just started dating… why? Because they are sooo beyond in love… and giggly… and cute… and just straight up HEAD over heels for each other, that I simply could not believe that after nine years, a couple could be so perfectly over the moon for each other!! But guess what… they ARE… and I can already tell you now, that I will be balling like a baby at their wedding… FOR SURE!!