Ashley and Andrew

Trafalgar, Indiana



Photographer | Sarah Ellie Photography | @thesarahelliephotography

Venue | The Apple Works | @theappleworks

From the Photographer…

Ashley & I spent a little over a month trying to schedule her engagement photos because as is typical for Indiana weather, it was either freezing, raining, or windy enough to blow us all away whenever we’d pick a date. Then, at last, on Sunday we had one of the most beautiful days of spring so far. The weather was warm, the sun was shining and the flowers were in bloom, just like her and Andrew’s love! We picked the apple orchard that Ashley frequented as a child for their shoot, it was the perfect blend of rustic and romance . Andrew & Ashley had so much fun stopping for photos as we made our way through the orchard.


At the end of the shoot I asked them both what they loved the most about one another, Ashley told Andrew it was his sense of humor, and Andrew responded with “I love seeing life through your eyes. You make it so beautiful.” Cue waterworks! This is one love story I can wait to tell… they’re getting married at Valle Vista on October 20th, 2019 and like the bond they share, I know it will be beautiful!!