Ashley and James

Fort Wayne, Indiana



Photography | Abigail Grace Photography | @abigailgracephotography

Location | Foster Park

Apparel | Amazon

From the Photographer

The cutest couple and the prettiest sun? Could I really ask for more when it comes to a session! But in all seriousness I loved working with Ashley and James. These two are seriously two of the sweetest people I have ever worked with and I know I say that a lot, but our session started off with hugs and just chatting about life in general and it was so nice. It made the session start off on the right foot. We spent the rest of the session chatting as well. We talked about their house that they are renovating, the zoo, their childhood, their plans to move to LA in the future, our favorite Netflix shows, and so much more. I left this session feeling like I had known Ashley and James my entire life. It was just such a great session. We also had the prettiest light. We shot an hour before sunset and the light was just so amazing. I spent most of the session going “ohhhhh the light right here.” But how could I not? Look at these pictures and you will totally see it. The light was gorgeous, combined with the cutest couple, and seriously could they have dressed any cuter? They will definitely be all over my what to wear guide I give to my brides!