Ashley and Johnathan

Ipswich, Massachusetts

Photography | Jess Sinatra Photography | @jesssinatraphoto

Location | The Crane Estate

From the Photographer

Ashley and Johnathan’s love story is what happens when you have faith in finding beauty in negative spaces. Johnathan’s previous relationship ended abruptly; however, it was a textbook case of every single event in their lives happening for a reason. Johnathan banked at a local credit union, where Ashley’s mom, Ana, worked as a head teller. Johnathan had been banking there for well over a decade, and had engaged in casual conversation with Ana for years. Johnathan came into the bank several times in the weeks that followed the “bad news”, and on his third visit, Ana took the initiative of asking him if he was single now. Johnathan said yes, so Ana brought him over to her phone, where she showed him a picture of her daughter. “This is my daughter, Ashley; she’s single, smart, and a very caring girl- I think you two would be a great match. I’m going to write her name down for you; if you’d like to get to know her, message her on Facebook. If not, we can pretend this conversation never happened.” Johnathan did message Ashley that night, and an elegant date at a beautiful restaurant with an eagle’s eye view of the Valley followed later that week. And the rest is history. They couldn’t have done it without their cupid, so thank you mom/suegra!

Johnathan & Ashley have a very diverse background, with the groom’s family being a mix of Venezuelan and Polish, and the bride’s family being 100% Puerto Rican. They will have both sides of their family flying in from all over the country to share their special day with them. Some of their cuisine selections will represent their backgrounds, as will their music selection. They plan to host a night that is filled with all there is to know and love about them, and their story.