Becky and Andrew

Los Angeles, California



Photography | Playful Soul Photography | @playfulsoulphotography

Location | The Last Bookstore | @lastbookstorela

Specialty Foods | Verve Coffee Roasters | @vervecoffee

From the Photographer

Andrew and Becky are high school sweethearts. Their love story began when Andrew, who was struggling with a class reached out to the smartest girl in the same class, Becky. Since they these two have been inseparable, spending days in the library studying. 10 years later they are engaged and have two adorable pups!


For their engagement, we wanted to relive the memories from their high school romance. What better way to do it than at a cute coffee shop and at The Last Bookstore in Los Angeles! Although their high school was in Northern California, photographing at The Last Bookstore was a great reminder of their days spent in the library together. It was such a unique memory to them that it became a more meaningful location. Not to mention, they brought along their pups to be… two cute additions in their photographs!