Chelsea and Marty

Austin, Texas



Photographer | Nikk Nguyen Photo | @nikknguyenphoto

Venue | Private Residence

From the Photographer

I usually go outside for engagement sessions, whether it’s walking through the hustle and bustle of Rainey Street in Austin, going back in time in the Historic Pearl in San Antonio or admiring the sweeping views at Enchanted Rock in Fredericksburg.


This engagement shoot was different, because Chelsea and Marty generously invited me into their home. It was such a fun and relaxed session because we never felt rushed. We didn’t have to find the hidden photo ops around city corners or sneak onto rooftops in downtown Austin, we knew exactly where everything was. Chelsea and Marty just finished renovating their home in East Austin, so they wanted to show it off! Their personal style and character is clearly visible in their home decor, so it made for a perfect backdrop to photograph them as a couple. They showed me their favorite spots around their home, played some LP’s and took their dogs for a walk.


I was able to capture Chelsea and Marty in the environment where they felt the most comfortable, so they were really able to be themselves. This resulted in authentic photographs of the life they share together. And of course, this life is shared with their awesome doggos, so we needed to get them in the gallery too! I hope their four-legged friends will join them on their wedding day, because well… you know how much I love everything that has paws. I can’t wait to hang out with Chelsea and Marty again in November!