Erika and Sean

Deep Creek Lake, Maryland



Photographer | Kara Abbey Photography | @karabbey

Location | Deep Creek Lake State Park

Dress Store | Azazie | @iheartazazie

The relationship between “high school sweethearts” has to be the absolute sweetest thing. Just think of all the history high school sweethearts share: the same high school, the same teachers, the same friends, the same lunchroom, the same favorite football team, the same favorite colors. And that’s exactly the case in Erika & Sean’s story.


They met when Erika was a Junior & Sean was a Freshman. And they were high school sweethearts from then on. They went to all of their winter balls & homecoming dances together (well, except for that one) and simply have this sweet relationship that only comes with time & an intertwined, shared story. It’s been a few years since Erika & Sean graduated from high school, and even though they both chose different colleges, their relationship continues to be sweet. And with internships in other states & summer jobs, distance has definitely made the heart grow fonder (so you can imagine that when we got together for their engagement session, it was simply the best time, because as anyone who has been in a long-distance relationship knows: any time together is the best).


We planned Erika & Sean’s engagement session & rescheduled it, and then rescheduled it again, until the 3rd time was the charm & we actually made it happen!! Erika just wanted that golden summer glow and after being rained out two times, we were really crossing our fingers for that 3rd date!! And it did not disappoint. I am obsessed with their photos because of that glorious summer glow that we got & I am so thankful that we postponed & rescheduled (and that Erika & Sean were understanding & flexible enough to hold out)! I literally picked a million photos for this blog post & had to trim it way back, just because the light plus Erika & Sean were just that good!


Don’t let their photos fool you – Erika & Sean are not models. In fact, they told me multiple times, in our original meeting, in emails back & forth where we were setting up their session, and then again when they arrived that gorgeous Saturday evening, that they were super nervous. Like most of my couples, they had never been in front of a camera, together, for any sort of professional photos. I won’t lie though, that very first photo I posted, is one of the very first that I snapped & as soon as I took it, I told them that we could just go home. I’m pretty glad that we didn’t though because things simply got better & better (and then they changed outfits & Erika came out in her gorgeous dress – I about died).