Jaide and Erinn

San Diego, California



Photography | Gabriel Conover Photography | @gabrielconover

Location | Black’s Beach

From the Photographer

Jaide and Errin are some of the most beautiful people I’ve ever met. I have been so excited for this engagement shoot at Black’s Beach in San Diego for such a long time. These two were made for this location too. They brought so much style and glamour to this beach shoot, but in such a tasteful way… this was their first time doing a shoot like this, but they were absolute naturals.


Black’s Beach is a hidden gem, which is why I just love doing engagement shoots there. There is no “easy” way to get down to the beach… not that it’s that difficult, but it is quite a walk. Everyone that I bring though, is so happy that they made the venture down, because it’s always pretty empty and is definitely one of the more scenic beaches in San Diego. Black’s Beach is also known for being a nude beach so you might get a little peak of something you don’t want to see on your engagement shoot (lol). Typically, I only see about 2 naked men every time I go. But I can block that out 😉