Katie and John

Troy, New York



Photographer | Nicole Nero Studio | @nicolenerostudio

Venue | Private Residence

From the Photographer

If you are wary about a shoot in the rain, take a tip from John and Katie and go for it anyway! I’ve shot in the rain a lot, but it’s typically at a wedding where you don’t have any choice but to embrace it! I asked them if they wanted to bump their engagement session to a hopefully sunnier day and they said “We’ll just bring an umbrella and make the best of it!”. MUSIC to my ears and totally worth it as they ended up with some truly unique and rare photos! Thinking outside the box (and inside the car) and adding some mystery behind a wet umbrella are such fun and unique things that I’m so so thankful that they were game, despite the rain, to make happen!


I met John at a wedding I was photographing (as it turns out, he is an amazing wedding videographer, you can check his work out, here!) and ran into him at another wedding and then another and we hit it off well, shooting in similar ways, tag teaming events easily. I then met Katie (at this wedding, SURPRISE!) and was so so happy to finally put a face to her name as John speaks of her highly and often! They reached out about me photographing their wedding and I’m so booked up for 2020, that I sadly will not be capturing their wedding day memories (and I’m still super bummed about it), but on the flip side am so honored to have been able to capture their engagement photos and I and will be thinking of them a TON when the big day arrives this May! With that, here’s to these two lovely humans, to a beautiful wedding day and to always having fun in the rain!