Kayla and Andy

Hudson, New York



Photography | Nicole Nero Studio | @nicolenerostudio

From the Photographer

Kayla and Andy’s Hudson New York engagement session turned out to be one of the most impactful of my career. Not in a loud way, in an interestingly quiet, yet poignant way. They rented a cute little Airbnb with an adorable patio, which is where we started the session. We then ventured outside to the surrounding streets to take advantage of the historic homes, architecture and gardens. We ventured down a random road that didn’t really seem to have much on it, a cute little green alcove of trees, which we used and got some cute photos in front of! As we then went to walk back toward the Airbnb, Kayla asked if we could take a photo under the bridge down the hill, to which I said ‘of course’ and she added, ‘it does say Black lives matter’ and I replied something along the lines of ‘it does and they absolutely flipping do, so get under there!’. As casual and light as the moment was in person, looking at the image on my computer screen and then sharing it on Instagram. It’s not light. At all. It’s important, heavy, big and needs to be seen and said and said again. It was luck that brought us down that road, or possibly fate, I’m not sure which, but those images were meant to happen. They are so important, likely the most important I’ve ever taken and I am so thankful she asked to do the photo and that they now exist because Black lives matter.


Now that the super important part has been said, you also need to know that these two were flipping ADORABLE, followed direction in a seamless way (I was so impressed!) and I absolutely cannot wait to capture their wedding next fall!