Kendall and Burrus

Arrington, Tennessee


Photography | Sweet Williams Photography | @sweetwilliamsphotography

Venue | Arrington Vineyards | @arringtonvineyards

From the Photographer

When I first met Kendall and Burrus I was SO excited about their engagement session because we kept having to reschedule due to the weather! Every day for what seemed like weeks, the weather would just pour in the evenings. We even tried our luck one day but on our way to the vineyards, the skies just opened up! But these two were so easy going about it! When the weather finally cooperated, we were SO ready! We met at Arrington Vineyards on the most beautiful summer evening. The sunlight was absolutely perfect and just glowed through the grape leaves. It was so fun to see all the grapes on the vines! There’s just something about a vineyard that’s so enchanting and romantic. And the valley views are incredible, truly something from a California landscape!


Kendall and Burrus are the sweetest couple. These two are high school sweethearts and so in love! After high school, they went to different colleges and maintained a long-distance relationship for 4 years!! When it’s meant to be, love always finds a way. Now, these two are back in the same town and are SO excited to get married!! I had so much fun getting to know these two. We found that we all watch the Bachelorette and had SO much to talk about, especially since their engagement session was on a Monday (aka Bachelorette night)! The Bachelorette is such a guilty pleasure reality show but once you’re hooked, you’re hooked! We had a lot to talk about with this seasons drama! Such a fun evening and perfect well deserved weather! Congratulations to Kendall and Burrus on your engagement! I’m SO excited for your wedding day next year!