Kim and Jason

Peachtree City, Georgia



Photography | The Studio at Daisy Hill@thestudioatdaisyhill

Location | Line Creek Nature Area

From the Photographer

Kim and Jason are a very passionate couple. Naturally, they snuggled, hugged and held each other instead of posing. They danced on the river rocks, held hands as Kim walked on the logs and he caught her as she leapt into his arms.


I love the way Jason proposed to Kim! This is what he says, “I had my GoPro with me, and had recently installed the app on my phone. I plead technological ignorance on all levels; on the day of the proposal it was to mask the proposal. I told her that I needed help making it all work correctly. Secretly I had already been to the proposal location and tested the camera and phone to make sure I could capture it all. I didn’t want a friend hiding in the bushes to be spotted and blow it. I took her to the place where we first sat and agreed we where going to be intentional about having a relationship, and growing it at a healthy pace. I set the camera up on a small tripod. Then walked out on the rocks of the creek to get in front of her. Then it clicked in her head what was happening. Everything was perfect. It all worked out exactly like I planned. I hit one knee like a man, surrendering my love to my bride. We are both super happy and wouldn’t change a thing about the proposal”.