Kristen and Joe

Atlanta, Georgia



Photographer | Limelight Photography | @limelightphotos

Location | Piedmont Park

Kristen says, “I love how Joe is such a dork. He can always find a way to make me laugh and when he laughs he has this cute little giggle. He is also so smart, it still amazes me to this day. He loves his family so much (even the crazies) and has grown to be part of mine. He’s also an Asian that likes country music, what could I not love about that?” Joe says, “I love Kristen for not only her intelligence and beauty, but her character and her accepting of me for who I am… I believe she phrased it “a dork”. I love how she is always willing to take on new adventures with me. She loves her family (yes like mine, even the crazies) as I love mine. Plus who can resist a country girl!”


From the Photographer

We had such a pleasure getting to know not only Kristen and Joe, but also Joe’s family for their engagement portrait session. The happy couple currently live and work in Atlanta. So it only made since that we began the session in Piedmont Park – in the heart of downtown Atlanta. We were blessed to have such a clear day with no rain in the middle of so many summer thunder storms! We then made the drive north to Rydal, GA. I was blown away to experience the juxtaposition of the peace of being in midst of God’s natural creation on the Farr family farm with the liveliness and hustle & bustle of downtown! We are so excited to for Kristen and Joe and look forward to capturing more of their love story at their wedding next spring at the famous “Pink Palace”, the Don CeSar on St Pete Beach.


Kristen and Joe originally met at work,. Their office staff would go out after work and Kristen was able to see Joe’s true personality. She claims he could not keep her away, plus he liked her a little bit too. 😉 They quickly discovered they had similar interests. It’s one of those unique chapters in life that just doesn’t have a title, the story just wrote itself and they were together. Kristen and Joe went on a cruise around Valentines day of 2019 and on 02.10.19, Joe said he wanted to go see the front of the ship. It was nighttime, therefore, there were not a lot of people around and he said “you know I love you right” then got down on one knee and proposed to Kristen. So sweet!

What makes your relationship special? Tell us some things that you both value in your time together. What makes your relationship unique?

We love to travel to new places together. We have a bucket list of all the places we want to go. When we are not traveling, we are usually in town trying new food or binge watching a TV show.


How did you know your partner was the one? When did you first know this in your relationship?

We first started out as friends so I wouldn’t say either of us knew at first we were the ones for each other but then when started to get to know one another better and that like became love. I fell for Joe when we were cooking one night and he starting dancing with me in the kitchen. When he did that I knew he was the one.


We’re all about the bling… Tell us all about that ring!

Oh the bling!! Joe customized an engagement ring with the help of Masina Diamonds. She is a little over 5 carats combined without the wedding band. It is a princess cut and the center stone is a little over 3 carats with diamonds wrapping around the entire band.


Are you excited to start planning your wedding day? Do you have any ideas in mind yet?

We are very excited to plan our wedding day. We know we want a beach wedding and to keep it small. All we know is all long as Joe and I are there we will be happy.