Kristin and Terrell

Austin, Texas



Photographer | Nikk Nguyen Photo | @nikknguyenphoto

Venue | Little Lucy’s Mini Donuts | @littlelucys

Venue | Ai Weiwei’s Forever Bicycles

From the Photographer

I’m always honored when people choose me to capture their love story. Especially with this beautiful engagement shoot, I felt that it was such a privilege that this beautiful couple decided spent their time with me! Kristin and Terrell didn’t have much time together – they were able to see each for only four days. You can imagine that if you have such limited time with your favorite person on the planet, every minute counts. That sure was the case for them: during these four days, they had amazing dinners together, got engaged and… got third-wheeled by me!


This engagement shoot took place in Austin, the city Terrell and Kristin traveled to in order to see each other. Terrell is stationed at Ft. Hood. In order to make the most of his 4 day leave, they decided to meet in Austin to limit the amount of time Terrell needed to travel to see Kristin.


We started the engagement shoot at their hotel on Rainey Street. As we walked down the street toward the lake we made sure to stop to take some great photos! That’s when I captured the many incredible shots of Kristin & Terrell at Ai Weiwei’s Forever Bicycles and then the romantic photos of them at the lake during the sunset. Honestly, it’s not every day that I get to take photos of a couple that so recently got engaged. Their excitement about being together for a few days was topped off with the excitement about spending the rest of their lives together! This obviously showed on the photos, I was the third wheel that happened to use his camera too. Kristin and Terrell’s story reminded me of the incredible sacrifices anyone in service and their partners make for our country. Like I said before – capturing their love in this engagement session truly was an honor!