Micah and Bryan

Norfolk, Virginia



Photographer | e.losinio Photography | @elosiniophoto

Venue | Cure Coffeehouse | @cure_eats

Venue | Slover Library | @sloverlibrary

Venue | Benny Damato’s | @thevirginiaslice

Micah and Bryan chose downtown Norfolk as the backdrop for their engagement session because they wanted a laid-back, urban vibe to their photos that reflected their personalities. They met and fell in love in Virginia Beach and plan on getting married in Norfolk. They wanted to highlight the city’s architecture, and I had the idea of basing the shoot around a typical date night for the two of them. Starting at a local coffee shop, we laughed over lattes then headed to Slover Library (they love to read!). We then explored the surrounding area a bit before stopping at a pizza place to finish the shoot. Loved their fun energy and can’t wait for their upcoming wedding this year!


In The Bride’s Words

Typically, you can find us spending time with friends and family, babysitting our nieces and nephews, giving our time to those God would place in our lives, reading together over a good cup of coffee, watching food documentaries, and simply goofing off. On the surface, what we love most about each other is how we can be ourselves around each other, our love for food/coffee, the desire to spend time with family, and having a lot of inside jokes. Under the surface, the foundation of our relationship is grounded in a love for Christ that balances and allows us to serve others and each other in a very complimentary way.