Nate and Mikaela

Hermosa Beach, California



Photography | Eric Doolin Photography | @ericdoolin

From the Photographer

Nate and Mikaela’s engagement session took place at Hermosa Beach. Mikaela and I were former roommates years ago, so to take her engagement photos was very special for me. I can’t tell you how many times Mikaela has been there for me. Navigating through the ups and downs of love is never easy; she and I faced some hard times together. To see her happy now made all the heartaches worth it. Nate is such a great guy; they compliment each perfectly!


Their session did not include just the two of them. Nate and Mikaela brought their adorable dog Hudson to the shoot. I love it when couple’s bring their pets to their sessions; pets are part of the family too! I’m so pleased with how this session turned out. The evening light was incredible that day. The cherry on top was that Nate and Mikaela agreed to take some photos in the ocean water. For those of you that aren’t from the West Coast, the Pacific Ocean is very cold so this act was a really big deal. I knew we only had a minute to capture “the shot”. Although I was successful in capturing an epic ocean kiss shot, a wave crashed into me afterwards and corrupted my memory card. Thankfully I was able to recover the files, so the risk was worth it!