Nicole and Adam

Lake Geneva, Wisconsin



Photographer | BlueVerve Studio | @blueverve_studio

Venue | Private Residence

Specialty Foods | The Bottle Shop

Specialty Foods | Avant Cycle Cafe

From the Photographer

Nicole and Adam have been engaged for 9 years, have 3 wonderful kids, and are goofy, relaxed, and playful. This session was meant to be a sunny, late summer stroll through downtown Lake Geneva, just 20 minutes from Lake Lawn in Delavan, WI, where Nicole and Adam will be married (they’ve been vacationing in the area together for years, coming up from their home in Illinois). However, rain soaked the entire town of Lake Geneva the weekend of their engagement photoshoot, flooding Lake Geneva to record-breaking levels. Luckily, Nicole and Adam opted to embrace the weather, for what turned out to be one of our all season favorite sessions.


We began the day meeting up for coffee at Avant, a local coffee + bike shop with great, moody, European inspired atmosphere. Nicole and Adam showed their competitive sides in a heated game of tic tac toe, then stepped outside to dance between the puddles. We avoided the park downtown which had been our initial location (it was drenched under 6+ feet of water, and currently had people swimming in it), and opted for quiet alleys, beautiful paths, and a bridge that overlooked an overfull aqueduct. All the while, Nicole and Adam laughed, snuggled, and shared how life had brought them together. We finished the evening over at The Bottle Shop in Lake Geneva, where Nicole and Adam enjoyed a bottle of wine.