Patience and Anwar

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania



Photography | J&J Studios | @jjstudiosphiladelphia

Location | Love Statue | @visitphilly

Location | Philadelphia City Hall

From the Photographer

We were so excited to photograph Patience and Anwar for their Philly City Hall Engagement. After meeting them at a bridal show and talking about their big day, we knew they were gonna be a great fit. Both huge travel aficionados, Anwar immediately recognized our bridal portraits we had hanging on our bridal display from Lisbon Portugal and informed us, “Yea, I’ve been there, I knew it right away.” Great minds think alike and the more we talked, the more we were convinced they were the right fit.


Patience, a pharmacist, and Anwar, her Hubby to Be, a Navy man. met at a college party. Shortly after, they were inseparable. On August 18, 2019, on a rooftop in Philly along the city skyline, Anwar got down on bended knee and Patience said yes in front of a group of family and friends. Patience, ever the romantic gushed in adoration of her man, “I love how he puts me first no matter what. He lets me choose, supports me wholeheartedly, works hard to provide for us. He’s handsome and makes me laugh! I love how he loves me unconditionally.”


Anwar and Patience are in the midst of wedding planning. Coincidently, we ran into them at two separate bridal shows so we know they are wholeheartedly in the planning process. We can’t wait for their big day Sunday, July 11, 2021.

How did you and your fiancé meet?

Anwar first saw me at the age of 14, but was too shy to approach me, so I never saw him. He thought I was the prettiest girl in the world so he decided to add me on Myspace through a mutual friend and started to talk to me on there, but we never met in person. He called it “puppy love”. A few years go by, he came across my profile on Facebook and we re-connected on there with little messages here and there. A few more years go by Anwar is attending Temple University and I am attending West Chester University. Then in Spring 2009, my girls and I decide to attend one of WCU college parties. Little did I know Anwar and his guys also decided to drive up to WCU to attend this party. We are all on the dance floor and I see him. I am thinking in my head I know this guy. I approach him and we just begin to laugh and then we danced all night. Since this day we have been inseparable. A year from the day we met, Anwar enlisted into the Navy. It was devastating to know in order for us to continue this relationship it would have to be through long distance. Even though most couples do not make it through, I am truly proud to say that our love for each other pushed us through.


What do you love most about your partner?

I love his ability to put me first no matter what. I love his goofy humor that can always get me out of a bad mood. I love his smile and his goal to always keep a smile on my face. I love his ambition to provide and support me mentally, emotionally, and financially. I love his unconditional love for me. I love how much we have in common for our future goals and can not wait to start our family. He comes from a big family which has taught him how to nurture and be kind. He puts my feelings into consideration. My fiancé is handsome, charming, shy at first but super outgoing.


How did he propose?

Anwar would drive down from Connecticut (where he is stationed) to Philadelphia every weekend to see me. August 17th 2019 was just a normal Saturday, when he decided to book a hotel downtown and make dinner reservations at one of our favorite restaurants. Dinner was amazing, we talked mostly about our future together. After dinner, we went back to the hotel to relax and plan our late night outing. Then, Anwar said lets stop by his best friends gf’s birthday party first, its at his apartment. So we head there, we are going up on the elevator and the doors open and as I walk up a few more stairs I start to hear John Legend’s “All of me” playing in the background and I start to see so many flashes from cell phones and the photographer. I look at Anwar, then he looks at me he says “all of this is for you” I was speechless and crying so hard! My sister then hands me a bouquet of flowers, I walk a few more steps and to see a “Marry Me” sign and candles shaped into a huge heart. Then Anwar gets down on one knee. I said yes before he could even get the words out. I finally turn to see who are all of these people behind me. I was so in shocked to see all of these people. Anwar was able to gather all of our family and friends so they could witness our engagement. Apparently, they have all been planning this for weeks behind my back. It was truly the most amazing night. We celebrated on the rooftop along the Philly skyline and popped so many bottles of champagne all night long. I am still in awe.


What was your inspiration for the engagement photos?

Anwar and I are both from Philadelphia. You can literally catch us downtown every weekend enjoying brunch, trying new restaurants, shopping, or just sight-seeing. Center city Philadelphia is one of he most attractive parts of Philadelphia, from City Hall, Love Park sign, and the Philadelphia skyline. It was just the perfect background to capture us and the beauty of our city.


(Have you started wedding planning) If so, how has your experience been so far?

Our wedding is next summer July 11, 2021. So far we have been touring various venues. I never would have thought how hard it would be to pick the perfect location. As of today we have our top 2 and will officially decide and put a down payment next week.


How was your experience working with your engagement photographer?

The day of our shoot was extremely cold. However, John is fast and very efficient. He knew how to pose us and capture our “good sides”. He knows the city well and how to capture the beautiful backgrounds instantly. It was a fun shoot and definitely had our emotions flowing for the remainder of the day. We are even more excited for the big day! My fiancé and I are very pleased and so amazed by his work. We would and will highly recommend him to others . Very professional and creative!


Share some quirky facts about you.

When most people meet me, they always assume I am a model, a professional makeup artist, or into fashion. However, little do they know I am a science nerd and I love medicine, hence, my career in Pharmacy . I am first generation American, both of my parents are from Nigeria. I am scared to fly, yet I am always traveling. I do not think there is anyone more obsessed with BEYONCE!!