Roni and Nate

Simsbury, Connecticut



Photography | Emma Thurgood Photography | @emmathurgoodphoto

Location | Heublein Tower

Ring Designer | Bella & Co | @bellacojewelry

From the Photographer

Ever since I became a professional photographer, I have wanted to do a session at Heublein Tower in Simsbury, CT. It’s a location that can only be reached on a somewhat grueling 40 minute hike up a mountain ridge, but the tower and the views are spectacular!


When I skyped with Roni & Nate, who live out of state but are getting married in CT, I knew they were the ones. We had talked about their love of being outdoors and going for hikes, so when they asked for location recommendations for their engagement session after booking with me, I gave them a few options, but let them know that I thought Heublein was the one for them. Not only is their wedding venue nearby and can be seen from the top of the mountain ridge, but it encompassed a big part of their personality as a couple – a love of hiking. In fact, Nate proposed to Roni after a hike up to Mohonk Mountain House.


The hiking engagement session we planned ended up being on a grey day, we had moved the time to avoid rain, but the second half of our two hour hike we did get a little drizzled on. But Roni and Nate were such champs and even had fun being creative for some rain shots cliff-side. One of the things about this session that I love the most is how open Roni and Nate were to doing something out of the ordinary, like dipping on the edge of a cliff, or scaling a crumbling rock face. These two are true adventurers!