Sammantha and Colby

San Antonio, Texas



Photography | Ata-Girl Photography | @atagirlphoto

Venue | Nelson Wolff Municipal Stadium

Makeup Artist | My Makeup Movement

Jewelry | Zales | @zalesjewelers

From the Photographer

When Sammantha and Colby first met on January 4, 2016, they never imagined they’d share a life together one day. Sammantha admitted that, initially, there was no love lost between the two. Sammantha had come back to her hometown of El Paso to work an internship and had just finished her undergrad. She was preparing to begin law school the comping fall. Colby was more than 2,000 miles away from his home of upstate New York working for a new triple-A baseball team—the El Paso Chihuahuas. However, the dislike for each other didn’t last long. The season required extra long hours at the field… hours that started as the sun approached the horizon and ended long, long after it set. Sammantha’s internship was not only giving her the benefit of work experience, but it was also allowing her to form an incipient friendship with Colby—a friendship that would grow into something more substantial over the course of a 64-game grueling schedule.


For seven months, the two worked tirelessly beside each other, enjoyed each other’s company, went on lunch dates, happily endured sarcasm and wit… then on Independence Day, they made this thing officially official. But shortly after, the two came to a crossroads. Sammantha would be starting law school in San Antonio, and Colby would be taking a job with the Oklahoma City Dodgers. For a while, this long distance relationship worked. Colby would make the 467-mile trip as often as he could and Sammantha would reciprocate and head north during as many school breaks as she was able.


But eventually, they fell into a place where this was no longer sufficient. Colby began looking for jobs in San Antonio and scored one with the San Antonio Spurs. He immediately moved south. When Sammantha graduated from law school, Colby knew it was finally time. Though they had already celebrated this major milestone with her family, Colby insisted she celebrate privately with him. Despite her pleas for a quiet weekend on the couch in loose-fitting clothing watching nothing but junk TV, Colby twisted her arm just long enough to get her out of the house so that certain preparations could be made. The two enjoyed dinner at Fratello’s—a local Italian restaurant reminiscent of something Colby might enjoy in his hometown.

As they returned home, Sammantha heard a commotion outside on the back porch. When she stepped outside, she was surprised by friends and family standing there—friends and family not only from San Antonio, but from out of town too! They were on the back porch with votive candles and a sign that asked, “Will you marry me?” As Sammantha stared at the sign trying to make sense of this, Colby got down on one knee and asked her to marry him.


There was no better place to capture their engagement portrait than at the Nelson Wolff Municipal Stadium—home of the San Antonio Missions. As Colby and I waited for Sammantha to arrive from her hair and makeup appointment, I could tell Colby felt very comfortable talking about stats, schedules, players, trades and other baseball-related stories with Justin Ortiz, the stadium coordinator, who had arranged for us to use the stadium. Justin had met us there prior to sunrise that morning. Colby was extremely relaxed at “at home” in this environment. Even though Wolff Stadium wasn’t the exact beginning of Sammantha and Colby’s love story, it was the next perfect place to have their engagement session.


The two currently enjoy a life with five dogs—some of which have been rescued through fostering. They also have three fish, a snake and have also adopted a neighborhood cat. Sammantha refers to the animals as their family circus. I’d refer to it as very soft, kind and caring hearts. Bennie, one of the dogs and the circus spokes animal, is going to get the privilege of carrying their rings down the aisle.