Sara and Jason

Sparta, New Jersey



Photographer | Enchanted Celebrations | @enchanted_celebrations

Venue | Skyview Golf Club

From the Photographer

Congratulations to Sara and Jason on their recent engagement! The happy couple can’t wait to tie the knot on May 29th, 2020 at the gorgeous Skyview Golf Club in Sparta, NJ. Similarly, our team of North Jersey engagement photographers can’t wait to capture every moment of their wedding day, just like we captured every detail in their beautiful engagement session.


First, Sara and Jason sat on the porch of a rustic red and white barn in the wilderness. The bride and groom to be couldn’t keep their eyes off each other. Fittingly, Sara wore a lovely white dress while Jason wore a blue button up shirt with gray shorts and sneakers. The perfect duo spent time looking out at the breathtaking wilderness together before them smiling the morning away. Jason even took a moment to romantically dip Sara to the surprise of our North Jersey engagement photographers.


Then, he lifted her up and carried her along the river-lined pathway. The fields of grass glistened in the sunlight, and so did their smiles. He carried her back to the charming barn before spinning her around in his arms. Next, the both of them changed into more comfortable clothes to explore the nature around them. Sara, in a floral blouse and light-wash denim shorts, and Jason, in a navy t-shirt and sandals, walked hand in hand through the soft blades of glass beneath them. In addition, Jason took the opportunity to slip his hand into his blushing bride’s back pocket to her surprise. Our North Jersey engagement photographers couldn’t get enough of their laughter. Finally, the happy couple made their way back to the barn and shared a sweet kiss.