Sarah and Mark




Photographer | The Drawhorns | @thedrawhorns

Location | Reynisfjara

From the Photographer


Sarah and Mark were among our first few elopement couples! Their wedding day was so fun and really set a fire in our hearts – it was the first time we realized “holy cow, eloping is incredible…and we could really do this.” After that day we dedicated every second we had to finding our way into photographing adventure elopements full time – and once we got that going, Sarah and Mark asked us to come out for their next adventure – their honeymoon in Iceland!


The timing was tight as they were just on a stopover before continuing on to mainland Europe. We ended up doing their shoot immediately after we landed so they could jet off to the next leg of their honeymoon in Amsterdam! Getting out of the airport and into our campervan was such a whirlwind, and we ended up pulling over to nap in a Home Depot parking lot of all places – honestly so fitting for our road-tripping lifestyle. Everything was unbelievably green and beautiful on the way out to meet them, but it didn’t hit me until we walked out onto the black sand beach that we were basically on an entirely different planet.

As you can see, Reynisfjara rules. That rich black sand is a miracle. We hugged like old friends in the parking lot and ran out to meet the waves straight away. We must have walked miles along the shoreline, just playing around, skipping stones, climbing on rocks, exploring caves and peering off into the distant mountains looking at the mama sheep with their babies.


Since our amazing adventure session was finished up within hours of landing, we had the rest of the week to explore the Reykjavik and the Golden Circle along the Southern Rim of Iceland. We had decent weather throughout, although it was a bit early in the season for the Northern Lights – I think I must have woken up ten times in the night peeking out the windows looking for it.