Shannon and Spencer

Washington, DC



Photographer | Kiyah C Photography | @kiyahc

Venue | Denson Liquor Bar | @densondc

From the Photographer

A little bit country, a little bit of rock and roll. Shannon & Spencer’s shoot in DC was a good one and they killlledd it. There are endless possibilities for shooting in the city, but I knew that for these two, we needed something real, reallll good but also 100% true to them.


Shannon & Spencer are dog parents that love being homebodies as much as they love a night out with friends. So we opted for the “night out” feel, all dressed up starting at Blagden Alley and ending at Denson Liquor Bar. Both spots were so fun to explore. Blagden Alley has a cute coffee shop, colorful hidden gems, and artsy corners. Denson Liquor Bar may just be my new favorite place in the city. I can’t get enough of the classy, speakeasy vibes and the service was really amazing. They were super kind to let me shoot while Shannon & Spencer cozied up in a back booth and at the front bar. And the drinks were good enough for two rounds.