Sydney and Zach

Chicago, Illinois



Photographer | Savannah Linn Photography | @savannahlinnphoto

Location | Millennium Park | @millennium_park

Specialty Foods | Sawada Coffee | @sawadacoffee

From the Photographer

Sydney and Zach are an incredibly rad couple. Zach had only been to Chicago once back in the day and Sydney had never been before! We went to Millennium Park to experience the bean, of course but then we discovered the most magical spot. We had an engagement session full of butt grabs, eskimo kisses, dancing and snuggles. We stopped by Sawada Coffee to have coffee before embracing the cold for the rest of the photo shoot. It was a blast, to say the least.


In The Words of Sydney

“It all started with a super like. Zach and I met on tinder 2 years ago (I know they should be sponsoring our wedding). We talked for a day or two and me being the distracted person I am, I forgot to reply and that was that. Then about a year later Zach reached out to me VIA Instagram, again being my distracted self I forgot to reply a second time. This time he was determined so he hit me with the double message. At this point I was like “wow this guys really interested” so I gave him a chance and the rest is history. We hung out for the first time one weekend and have seen each other every weekend since. I could go on forever about how amazing Zach is. Seriously he is my dream guy. I am so excited to be able to share such a special experience with this man.”