Tiani and Elias

Pearl City, Hawaii



Photographer | The Loving Eyes Productions | @thelovingeyes

Location | Waimano Falls

The trail to the Waimano waterfall and pools is not a long hike, about 2 miles one-way, but the trail does lead straight down the side of the valley so it isn’t the easiest. But Tiani and Elias are always up for an adventure. I love the Waimano waterfall and pools because it is set up for the prettiest photographs. There are three pools at the bottom of the waterfall – the first is very wide and fairly shallow, the second is small and a lot deeper, and the third final pool is at the end of a second smaller waterfall. The second pool is the best for photos. The water depth in this pool casts a deep blue hue to the surface water and there are a couple fern covered grottos, everything needed for romantic tropical waterfall photo.