Tim and Megan

Laguna Beach, California



Photography | Eric Doolin | @ericdoolin

Location | Crystal Cove Beach

From the Photographer

I met up with Tim and Megan at Crystal Cove State Beach, and had a wonderful time working with them. Whether you’re a photographer looking for new locations or someone in the mood for a day at the beach, Crystal Cove State Beach is definitely a cute spot to check out. There’s a handful of colorful restaurants right along the coastline, so you can stop to enjoy a meal or beverage once you’ve had your fill of the ocean. Lush forests and fields surround the beach, which offered variety when taking pictures of Tim and Megan. The best part is there are shuttles that can drive you up the mountain side if you end up parking far away. Tim and Megan are tying the knot this year during the month of October, and I couldn’t be more excited for them!