Victoria and Connor

East Brunswick, New Jersey



Photography | Enchanted Celebrations | @enchanted_celebrations

Venue | Park Château Estate & Gardens | @parkchateau

From the Photographer

Congratulations to Victoria and Connor on their engagement! This adorable couple will be tying the knot on December 3, 2021 at Park Chateau Estate and Gardens in East Brunswick, NJ. Thankfully, Engagement Photographers NJ captured these beautiful moments between the two. Victoria and Connor had their engagement photos taken outside on a beautiful, fall day. First, portrait shots were captured on some land covered with bright, fall leaves. Victoria looked absolutely beautiful her her green dress, tan cardigan, white scarf, and her cute ankle boots!


Connor looked handsome in his white sweater, dark jeans, and brown dress shoes. Standing beside one another, they complimented each other well, setting up for the most gorgeous shots. Next, the day continued with more portrait shots of the couple in front of a stone building. These two couldn’t let go of each other; they laughed and look so happy to be together. Thanks to our Engagement Photographers NJ, one of our favorite photos is when Victoria was hugging Connor from behind and gave him a kiss on the cheek. How cute! The couple made their way over to a grey stone bench where they looked into each others eyes sharing the biggest smile. The look on the couples face truly showed the love that they had for one another. Then, the soon-to-be bride and groom took individual shots looking their best for the camera. To end the shoot, close up photos were shot of Victoria’s stunning diamond ring. We can’t wait to see her ring in their wedding photographs.


Congratulations again to Victoria and Connor on their engagement! Thank you for letting our Engagement Photographers NJ capture this beautiful, fall day. We can’t wait to experience your wedding next year!