Yoomi and Shawn

Los Angeles, California



Photography | Lorin Kelly Photography | @lorinkellyphoto

Location | USC Campus | @uscedu

From the Photographer

Yoomi and Shawn both went to and share a love for USC so it was only fitting to include that location for their engagement session. From their meeting at a convention, instantly connecting over a dinner meeting and his unexpected proposal in San Francisco, Shawn nailed the knight in shining armor that came and swept Yoomi off her feet! Here is the story behind how they met and how Shawn asked…

How They Met

We met at a college athletics convention in Dallas. I had just started my startup and I was attending the convention to pitch my product. Prior to flying to Dallas, a friend of mine introduced me to Shawn, who was going to be my potential client. I took Shawn and his team out to dinner (which Shawn considers our “first date” – the first dinner we had was Southern barbecue and banana pudding for dessert, which is our favorite! Oh, and I paid for our “first dinner.”). Nothing we discussed over dinner was relevant to my business or college sports. Instead, we talked about our favorite desserts and musicals (Shawn and I both love musicals). After dinner, I joined Shawn for drinks at a bar, where he was hanging out with his coworkers and other convention attendees. We were up till 2:00 a.m talking to each other. After the convention, Shawn flew back to Seattle, and I flew back to L.A. Thats what started our long-distance relationship until Shawn relocated to L.A a year later.


How He Asked

I had a busy three months and I was in need of a staycation weekend. I’m the planner in our relationship, and I usually plan our trips. This time, however, I asked Shawn to plan our weekend getaway, because I had so much going on. Shawn wouldn’t tell me where we were going. I had to pack for the trip, but all he said was “pack some warm clothes.” Thinking we would probably go somewhere local, like San Diego or Santa Barbara, I packed a couple of sweaters. Shawn came to pick me up and he told me to make sure that I bring my driver license because we’d be drinking that weekend. I thought that was such a random thing for him to say, but I didn’t think too hard. As soon as I got in the car, he plugged in the directions to the airport on his phone. Still thinking we’d be staying local that weekend, I thought it was weird to fly to San Diego or Santa Barbara, since it’s much easier to drive. Once we got to the airport, I found out that we were actually flying to San Francisco. I started panicking because I hadn’t packed any clothes that were warm enough for the SF weather in March.


We arrived in SF late at night and checked into our hotel. I opened our suite door and there were rose petals on the floor leading to the bed. On the bed, there were more rose petals in a heart shape and a tray of chocolate-covered strawberries and a bottle of champagne. I still had no idea that Shawn was going to pop the question… I thought it was a special romantic package that the hotel offered. Shawn called me from behind, and when I turned around, there he was, on his knee, asking me to marry him. I had no idea this trip was a proposal trip, and I was speechless. I kept repeating myself: “I didn’t see this coming, I didn’t see this coming.” Shawn had to ask the question again: “Umm… are you going to say yes?” And I finally came out of my daze and said “Yes!”:)