Chloe and Jacob

Anchorage, Kentucky


Photographer | We Choose the Moon Photography @wctmphotography

Venue | Private Residence

Dress | Rent the Runway | @renttherunway


We had planned a totally different engagement session from this one. We scheduled with people, we rented a dress and had a day picked out. Sadly though, the weather did not work in our favor and we had to cancel everything. But, because we rented the dress, we decided to take photos anyway and see what we could get.


I was less than thrilled I had to cancel the original idea so I was even more less than thrilled when it started down-pouring on us. But, I was determined to make this work and create stellar images despite everything being against us. After hiding out in the trees for 15 minutes (because I left my two umbrellas in the car) we were all pretty soaked and said “screw it, let’s just shoot in the rain”.