Erika and Jock

Manhattan, New York


Photography | Julie Fernan Photography@juliefernau

Venue | Sixty Les Hotels @sixtyhotels

Event Planner | PS Plans | @ps_plans

Dress Designer | Francesco Paolo Salerno | @francescopaolosalerno

Dress Designer | Monique Lhuillier | @moniquelhuillier

Dress Designer | Rene Atelier | @rene.atelier

Makeup Artist | Blushington | @blushington

Stylist | Lisa and Tyler J | @lisaandtylerj

This destination engagement session took place in Manhattan, NY. We started at Sixty Les Hotel in lower Manhattan for a session in the suite and overlooking the city. We then moved to the streets of NYC to showcase their fast-paced and on the go lifestyle and ended up at Lincoln Center.


The couple resides in West Hollywood, but does a lot of business all over the world and wanted to showcase that in their engagement session. Erika, the bride-to-be, is a millennial go-getter TV host, founder of Passion to Paycheck and the best selling author of Passionistas. Jock, the groom-to-be, is Founder and CEO of Digital Exits. Both extremely hardworking entrepreneurs who love work and living life to the fullest.

How did you meet?

We met in the craziest way ever! I was in Los Angeles for ONE NIGHT ONLY for a branding deal, and so was he (for a business deal.) “All work” turned out to be play for both of us. My friends convinced me to go to a concert with them while I was in town; I agreed, but really had NO INTEREST in going, so when we arrived and were escorted to the very top floor, I found the nearest balcony and perched on it, looking into the crowd of dancing people on the bottom floor. I spotted a guy who was taller than everyone and had the cutest little dance moves. I thought “He looks like he’s having a blast but there is no way I would ever go into that crowd and find him” The next thing I know, I look back at him and he is craning his neck, staring straight up at me, in between the colored lights, darkness, and clamor of the show. I decided to wave down and basically “summon a stranger,” to see if he was actually looking at me, and indeed he was :). He took the elevator up to the third floor, said hello and now I’m going to marry him!


How did he propose?

I wanted to do something special for Erika because she plans a talk show 5 days a week, highlighting other people, I wanted this to be HER special moment captured on video! So, I planned a treasure hunt at Disneyland that took about 3 months of planning with close to 30 people to pull it off, but I had no problem treating the idea like a business plan. Her friend’s laughed because I held a few conference calls leading up to the big proposal. And I think I did a pretty good job because ABC actually picked it up and aired the whole thing! She’s always thinking of others, I thought it would be great if everyone had a surprise for HER.


A month later, we found ourselves in NEW YORK CITY, she was there for New York Fashion Week, and me, to visit the New York Stock Exchange, so a few hotel balconies and high fashion gowns later, we thought it would make for a pretty neat engagement photo shoot between all of our NYC stops! It was a typical trip for us, and we wanted that reflected in our engagement pics!


Describe your overall vibe + feel you want for the wedding?

High Powered, Chic, Entrepreneurial and Modern. We want a POWER COUPLE WEDDING. So many millennials who are building careers think that “marriage has to wait,” but we are planning our wedding to reflect my brand and Jock’s business as well as the teamwork that each of us brings to each other’s dreams! (We even designed a logo for the wedding, not kidding!) We are both entrepreneurs: Myself, a founder in Entertainment and Fashion and him, a CEO, we would just really like to be the model example of planning a wedding that weaves into our normal, jet-setting lives – as an addition to our professions and not as a setback.


Name 3 things that you LOVE about Jock?

– He is DRIVEN and inspires me to be the best version of myself.

-He is the most supportive human on the planet, I could literally ask him for anything I ever needed, even endless hugs, and if he has time, he puts it in the schedule!

-HE OBVIOUSLY wants to leave a legacy in his lifetime, and so do I. (He’s my first choice in “who I’d want to take over the world with!”)


Name 3 things that you LOVE about Erika

-I respect her so much. She knows who she is, and she shares that light with everyone she meets.

– She is on my team, a true teammate in every area of our lives

– She is so HAPPY, (and a hottie haha) but genuinely, such a happy person and has made me the same, very grateful.