LaShundra and Robert

Washington, DC


Photography | Lola Snaps Photography@lolasnapsphoto

Venue | Private Residence


Rob and LaShundra’s love story began in August 2016 in the hallway of New Samaritan Baptist Church in Washington DC. Rob says that LaShundra started flirting with him as he was sitting and waiting for the next service. However, if you know LaShundra; she is the definition of a true Southern Belle and would not flirt especially in church (LOL).


LaShundra recalls their meeting a little different. She remembers saying ‘Hi’ and starting a casual conversation with a handsome guy she had seen a few times at church. Their conversation was short but must have made a lasting impression on Rob. A few Sundays later, Rob saw LaShundra at the end of service standing in the front of church. He approached LaShundra and slipped her a business card for a Handyman Service with Rob’s name and telephone number written on the back.


LaShundra read the card and had to make a choice. Should she call the Handyman or Rob? I believe she made the right choice!