Laura and Martin

Covington, Kentucky


Photography | Kristin Brown Photography@kristinbrownphotography

Location | George Rogers Clark Park

I felt like I knew Laura and Martin from the moment I met them because they are just those kind of people. Super personable, real and fun. It doesn’t hurt that we know like 14 people but have somehow never crossed paths before. Martin and Laura met at Joe’s Crabshack. Laura loves rose, Martin loves bourbon. They have two puppies both beagles Hunter the older dog and major the puppy. Their first date where they fell in love and realize that they were falling in love was in Colorado, where they missed their plane for their departure to get home. We met for some pictures of their favorite restaurant/bar blinker is in Covington which is right around the street from their house where we had drinks and eat delicious mozzarella sticks and cheers to them, and they told me about their friends that I was going to be on their wedding day, which sounds like the best day ever.