Mai and Bobby

Galt, California


Photography | Kathy Izzy Photography@kathyizzyphoto

Location | Cosumnes River Preserve | @cosumnesriverpreserve

How We Met

The soon to be Mr and Mrs. both moved to CA from out-of-state years ago. Bobby was from Chicago and Mai was from Oklahoma They both loved to travel to different cities, states, and countries before meeting each other. While Bobby and Mai were dating, they were both living in different North California cities and were always committed to making the commute to see each other on weeknights and weekends. The commute would take 2 hours each time just to see each other. Eventually, they both decided to “begin their journey” together in a new city. After many late nights staying up researching online a new city to live in, they were finally ready to tie the knot and “fly with it”.

The Proposal – How He Asked

It was on our way to Bobby’s company Christmas party as we were driving the scenic route in the Mountain View Area, Bobby started to share all the amazing things he loved about me and regardless of how stubborn I get and controlling I get, what he fell in love with is was my heart. He described all the ways in which I would be able to lift him up and build him up to be a better man for me and for his son and proposed to me as we went through the scenic route bc he knew how much I love driving through beautiful areas with views that helps me feel at bliss. So he incorporated a big part of my daily favorite times while I was single into what now I won’t have to do alone any longer but will be able to enjoy “the ride” along with someone beside me for the rest of my life.