Miranda and Zee

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Photography | J&J Studios, LLC | @jjstudiosphiladelphia

Venue | University of Pennsylvania | @uofpenn

Venue | Race Street Pier | @delawareriverwaterfront

Venue | Elfreth’s Alley | @alfrethsalley




Here we tell the story of Miranda and Zee, two lovebirds. Miranda from the University of Pennsylvania who met Zee over some Ramen as they are both foodies. Zee is a 1st year resident at Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine. Meanwhile, Miranda is a recent UPenn grad. While the two have been in a long-distance relationship for some time, when they are together, it’s almost as if lightning strikes. It is clear to see how in love they are in all of the pictures. They decided to start their shoot among the regal buildings of Houston Hall, Huntsman Hall and Locust Walk at the University of Pennsylvania.


Locust Walk is the aortic artery through the Penn campus, connecting University City and West Philadelphia. Buildings along the walk include dorms, cafeterias, fraternities and St. Mary’s Church. Miranda states that many a sunny afternoon was spent under its trees studying for what seemed like an eternity of exams. Penn also is home to a copy of the infamous Philly LOVE sign, which was donated to the school in 1996 from Jeffrey J. and Sivia Loria, an American art dealer and former owner of the Miami Marlins. Miranda and Zee decided to start there for their engagement photos.

The weather gods were unforgiving as is often the case on a typical blustery October day in Philadelphia. It was misting, but with some cute clear umbrellas from Amazon, we were able to make some gorgeous rainy portraits. Zee and Miranda were saints in their patience and willingness to get wet. We then moved on to the regal looking Houston Hall, which serves as Penn’s student center. Miranda recounts many a day studying in its rooms. The historic building is America’s first college union building, built in 1894 and designed by William C. Hays and Milton Medary in a student competition. We thought nothing says regal more than some symmetrical posing and dipping shots which are punctuated by the apex of the building.


After some other shots in the Quadrangle, we moved onto Locust Walk. Luckily, our couple chose an early Saturday morning for the shoot, so there was not much foot traffic and we were able to get some beautiful couple’s portraits in seeming isolation on the ever-busy Locust Walk. Then, we ventured to the Delaware River Waterfront at Race Street Pier for some epic shots overlooking the Delaware River, the Ben Franklin Bridge and the border with NJ. We brought external lighting to make the pictures all the more dramatic.


Our final stop was Elfreth’s Alley, known as the oldest residential street in the Nation. It was built in 1702 and is considered a national historic landmark. The place was packed with tourists, but through composition and angles, we were able to get some compelling shots. We utilized the alley itself, the local brickwork and even some of the greenery of the houses themselves to take our portraits. After that, we bid our lovely couple adieu and can’t wait to see what life has in store for them both. Zee and Miranda plan to marry in June 2019 in Shanghai, China.