Paulina and Sukrit

Austin, Texas


Photography | Nikk Nguyen Photo@nikknguyenphoto

Venue | McJ Rooftop Deck

It’s not every day as a wedding photographer that you get the wonderful opportunity to meet a couple that’s as down for a good adventure as Paulina and Sukrit! These two wanted non-traditional engagement photos and that’s exactly what they got!


After recently moving to Austin, Texas Paulina and Sukrit wanted to capture the essence of their new hometown and what better way to do that than to venture into downtown Austin where we stopped traffic, incorporated a VW Bug helicopter into the shoot and scaled a high-rise building for some epic cityscape shots (all of which this couple eagerly agreed to do!). I always love a good adventure when I’m on a shoot and Paulina and Sukrit were the perfect couple to partner with. We spent a long time driving around looking for the perfect locations to shoot and I can easily say it was SO worth it just to be able to hang with these two!